SFAPL provides excellent warehousing services that meet the current industry standards and ensures safe storage, and management of your operations as defined. We provide these services at competitive prices, and hence our clients are able to   explore the possibility. You can become a part of our growing family by utilizing the high quality warehousing services. Our warehousing services become even better due to the strategic locations of the warehouses also in no-entry –free zones having numerous operational advantage.


These are some of the places and warehousing services :


  • Multiple State of Art Warehousing or Open Yard facility at multiple locations at Kolkata for specific industry verticals meeting the Safety Security Norms.

  • State of  the art Railside Warehouse at CRWC acting as Transit Warehouse for Bulk Cargo loads for limited span & onward transfer to distributors/W Hs by SFAPL company fleet.

  • Warehousing facility at close vicinity of Port at Kolkata for storage & Handling containers/ de stuffing / storage and onward transportation to destinations.


In addition to the excellent warehousing services, we also provide the following value added services to our clients :


  • Inventory Management

  • Pick - Pack

  • Quality Assessment & Controlling

  • Sorting, Assembling & Labelling

  • Cross Docking


All these ensures  proper handling & storage of goods in a proper manner. Our team of experts are extremely capable and carry out their jobs with commitment.